Community Health is the Wave of the Future!

The Wild Collective Toronto Enrollment is Opening Soon.

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! I am opening enrollment for the Fall 2021 enrollment of the Wild Collective Toronto.

This will be the third time I am running this unique and revolutionary women’s health community initiative which is being offered in over 35 clinics all over North America. It disrupts the traditional health care model, fosters meaningful connection and community AND is an instruction manual for your body and health.

The intention of the Wild Collective is to connect like-minded women to each other while helping them to reclaim their wild. It empowers and arms participants to up-level their health, life and relationships.

To be “Wild” means: “To live the natural life, one in which the creature, has innate integrity and healthy boundaries.”

I have seen first-hand how this program: brings together a health community of like-minded individuals: educates you on how to connect your physiology (health symptoms) to your intuition; and strengthens your relationship with what we call the divine feminine.

Community and connection are key pieces to your health and are often overlooked.  Social isolation and loneliness are the biggest risk factors for ALL- CAUSE Mortality.  Loneliness poses a greater risk to your health more than smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, eating a poor diet and being obese! It is as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes per day and can shorten your life expectancy by 8 years!

More positively, strong, social connection can reduce the risk of mortality after a cardiac event by 50% and can prevent cognitive decline by 91%. 

It seems so simple and powerful, yet most of us are feeling socially disconnected, now more than ever. Our health depends upon us prioritizing community and connection.

This is a really wonderful opportunity for our community as this is a transformational and revolutionary healthcare experience.  I am confident that you will find this initiative incredibly valuable.

I wanted to give you the exclusive insider opportunity to be the first to GET ON THE WAITLIST, since spots are limited to 20 women only.

Not sure if this is for you, but are intrigued? I have got you covered!  I will be hosting a FREE information session to educate you on what this experience is all about as well as, give you the opportunity ask all your questions. 


I cannot wait to connect with you soon.

Until then, I will excitedly wait for when it is time to reveal more details.

Stay wild,

Dr. Lisa