First Visit and Patient Forms

What to bring to your first visit

Important Information

  • Please do not brush your tongue the day of your visit, as this may interfere with your Chinese medicine tongue diagnosis.
  • Fasting is not necessary before your visit.

Regular Appointment Information

Initial Visit90 minutes (adults); 60 minutes (kids)
Includes a discussion about your health concerns and goals, a review of your health history, a thorough physical examination and a Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Second Visit – 60 minutes
Held approximately two weeks after your initial visit. We will review your complete personalized treatment protocol.

Third Visit45-60 minutes
Held approximately four weeks after your second visit. This visit is important as it is a chance to check in, make sure that the treatment protocol is understood and being followed, and to monitor any changes that may have occurred.

Follow-up Visits – 45-60 minutes
Conducted monthly, but may vary depending on the concern and the treatment plan decided on. As you progress on your treatment plan, you may only need to book in for an appointment every few months.

NOTE: Dr. Weeks is also available for follow-up appointments via Skype or by phone. The initial visit must be conducted in-person.

Acupuncture Appointment Information

Initial Visit90 minutes
We will review your health concerns, I will perform a basic physical examination including a Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis, and you will receive a 20-minute initial acupuncture treatment.

Follow-up Visits – 30-45 minutes
Visits are typically conducted once a week for 4-6 weeks, depending on the severity and duration of your health concern. After the initial 4-6 week appointments, maintenance treatments are typically conducted every 2-4 weeks depending on your health condition.