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The Wild Collective: A Community Health Initiative

Sisterhood is the medicine I never knew I needed.

I had read up on all the research and on an intellectual level it made sense.  But I didn’t realize it was the missing link for my health until I had my son, Stuart, 3.5 years ago, and felt so alone.

I went through some pretty serious breastfeeding challenges, which left me feeling isolated and like a failure as a mom and as a Naturopathic Doctor. The breastfeeding challenges eventually led to severe sleep deprivation, which quickly turned into postpartum anxiety. I remember the thought of getting out of the house was fraught with stress so severe, that sometimes it was just worth it to stay inside all day. I isolated myself from my friends and family and blamed it on being “busy” and “tired”. Eventually, I hit rock bottom when I suffered from burnout and low mood. I remember reading to Stuart before bed, trying to put on a happy face, but really feeling too tired to even read the words on the pages. I would sing him bedtime songs and do my best not to cry.

Eventually, I reached out for support from a psychologist, my medical doctor, my Naturopathic Doctor and my family and friends. I got the help I needed and allowed myself to be vulnerable and supported by others. I also found out that my thyroid was under-functioning and my adrenals were out of whack; things that can be treated using naturopathic medicine. I joined mom groups and devoured “real mom” podcasts, which led me to co-create the Perimenopausal Mamas podcast to support other moms going through challenging times to let them know they are not alone and that there are solutions out there for them.

And then, when I came across The Wild Collective, a revolutionary women’s health and community initiative, I knew I had to become a facilitator.

The Wild Collective is a perfect blend of health education, empowerment and community support. Not only do I get to help women uncover the blockages and imbalances that may be interfering with their ability to live their best life; I also get to facilitate the creation of a community of like-minded women that helps each other out and reclaims their wild.

This is how you can meet your people.  People who love and accept you for who you are, so life can get a little sweeter and a lot more fun. 

Be prepared to be a part of something raw and real and to see transformations in your health and in your life.

As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are seriously getting in the way of thriving health.  Negative self talk, sadness, projected expectations and hanging out with energy vampires all impede your ability to heal. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.

It is such an honour to be a part of the Wild Collective. I look forward to travelling on this journey with you, in sisterhood, as we each allow each other to stand in our light, gain clarity on purpose, and take bold action. 

When I say sister you are home, I take that very seriously.

When I say reclaim your wild, I mean that wholeheartedly. ‘

When I say your community awaits you, I mean it. 

You deserve sisterhood that feels like soul food; you deserve a safe space to grow and thrive.

The Wild Collective is starting very soon. Join me for the info session and learn why this is the medicine you never knew you needed.

Space is limited. Sign up for one of the free Info Sessions (the week of Jan 25th, 2021) HERE.There are some EPIC bonuses if you attend live!

In Sisterhood,

Lisa xo

If you have any questions about the Wild Collective, or want to reserve your spot, contact me HERE (even if you can’t make the info session).

Free Detox Webinar to Kick Start Your Fall Cleanse

Are you feeling the effects of indulging this summer?

  • Do you feel sluggish and want to jump-start your metabolism and detoximmune system for the autumn/winter?
  • Are your clothes a little tighter?
  • Do you have a few pimples that won’t go away? 

Then, this FREE gift (webinar) is just what you need to arm you with the tools to do an autumn detox.

REGISTER by clicking on the Date/Time Link below or scroll down for more details.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 20th from 7:00pm-8:00pm.

I get it. I understand. Summer is a time for BBQs, drinks on the patio and cone-after-cone of ice cream. I hope you enjoyed it! All that indulging can take its toll on your waistline, digestive system and skin.

If you want to learn why and how to detoxify your body, join me during this webinar to learn:

  • How to prevent exposure to toxins from your food, water, environment and body care products
  • Which foods to eat and which ones to avoid to cleanse your body
  • Simple yet effective detox strategies and recipes to cleanse your body AND your mind
  • How to do a body scan to detoxify negative emotions

I wanted to share with you this third webinar in my “Burning the Candle at Both Ends –Discover Ways to Live Without Stress” Series. I have had amazing feedback on the program and wanted to give you a taste of what it provides. Toxins are an additional stress on the body, so detoxifying is key for wellbeing.

I will be available to review the detox program at the end of the webinar viewing (so you can start right away). You can choose from either a 7-day, 14-day or 21-day detox. I will also be available for a live Q&A session after which you can participate in a guided body scan (or choose to listen another time).

If you are not available on September 20th at 7:00pm, you can still sign up to get a recorded copy of this webinar sent to your inbox the following day.

Take the Plunge: Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Whenever I tell a patient what I do in the shower daily, they shoot a disturbed look my way and cringe: “How could you do that?” they ask, followed by: “I couldn’t imagine willingly putting myself through that torture every single day!” hydrotherapy

You might be wondering what I am talking about. You may be surprised by the answer: Cold Water Immersion, a form of Hydrotherapy that dates back to ancient times.

In its simplest form, ending your shower with 30-60 seconds of a cold water spray stimulates immunity, energizes and revitalizes the body and mind, improves: circulation and detoxification, skin and hair vibrancy and overall wellbeing.

On days that I have a little more time, I alternate hot and cold sprays in the shower using 3 minutes of hot water, followed by 1 minute of cold water and I repeat that for a total of 3 cycles.

Cold water immersion is now all the rage, with top-levels athletes, executives and even Tony Robbins on board.

Is there proof that it works? Yes. I swear by it for myself and my patients to ward off colds and the flu and to jump-start each day.

Immunity and the Common Cold

According to the Natural Standards Database, preliminary clinical evidence shows that taking alternating hot and cold showers, at least five times per week, decreased the frequency of the common cold. It works by increasing not only the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, but also by increasing the number of white blood cells to fight off infection.

By increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid and white blood cells, alternating hot and cold showers support detoxification, reduce joint pain and boost immune function.

Muscle soreness and inflammation

Cold water soothes sore and achy muscles post-workout. It reduces inflammation and can decrease the need to take pain-killers.

Happiness Levels, Energy and Mental Alertness

Those that took cold showers for at least 2-3 minutes daily for several weeks reported an improvement in mood and a reduction in pain. Cold water activates cold receptors in the skin, which in turn activates our sympathetic nervous system, increasing the release of our natural endorphins and brain-boosting neurotransmitters.

Try it – you just may be surprised at how invigorating it is. And, for the morning-afters when you polished off most of the wine, it can be a life-saver.

Note: Those with heart conditions, diabetic neuropathy, nerve or sensation loss or other serious medical conditions should always consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner before starting cold water therapy.

The Power of Cleansing

Well, it’s that time of year again…the days are shorter, the temperature is dropping and the leaves are starting to change. Summer definitely flew by!

For most, summer is a time of indulgence. Barbecues, drinks on the patio or dock, and ice cream are staples of many while at the cottage or camping. The long bright days and warm weather keep us energized and active. Fall is the time for us to prepare for the shorter and colder days of winter, when energy is typically lower and our immune function is greatly depressed. The climate of fall is moderate, which is perfect for a cleanse. If we attempt to cleanse during the extreme heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter; added stress is placed on the body, and we are more likely to get sick or experience unfavourable effects.

Doing a cleanse is ideal to clean out all of the “gunk” that has accumulated over the previous season/year and to get our bodies tuned up for winter. Unfortunately, we are exposed to toxins in our food (pesticides, herbicides), water, cosmetics, body care products, plastic products and in the air that we breathe. In Chinese medicine, fall is the time when the lung and large intestine are most active. If we don’t clean out the toxins from the body before winter, we are more susceptible to illnesses in these organs, such as colds, the flu, bronchitis, asthma flare-ups, and digestive concerns. Not only can a cleanse help to boost energy levels and mood, clear up skin issues, resolve digestive problems, and jumpstart metabolism and weight loss, it will also give the immune system a much-needed boost to prevent those dreaded colds and flus that commonly start as the temperatures drop.

A cleanse typically involves at least 2–3 weeks of dietary changes to give the body a rest from foods that are harder to digest and have negative effects in the body. You will most likely need to cut out all gluten, dairy, non-organic meat, peanuts, shellfish, corn, soy, alcohol, added sugar in any form, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, and caffeine (except for green and white tea in some cases). Foods that may be avoided include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and mushrooms (as they can cause inflammation in the body). It is advisable to discuss your individualized food plan with your Naturopathic Doctor to ensure you are getting the appropriate nutrients.

In addition to dietary changes during the cleansing period, it is beneficial to include homeopathic remedies, herbs and nutrients to support the body’s detoxification pathways. Be sure to consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner (such as a Naturopathic Doctor), as we all are unique and require different supplements for proper detoxification. The Naturopathic Doctor will make sure that what you are taking will not interact with any medications you take or any conditions you may be suffering from. He or she will also focus on where you need the most support. Some patients may need extra fibre and herbs to help eliminate through the liver and digestive tract, others may need more support for the kidney, lung or lymphatic system. It is really important to make sure you are cleansing in the right ways. If done improperly, you can activate and accumulate toxins in your body, when the goal is to eliminate them completely. Following the right meal plan and cleansing protocol are needed to make sure you reap the most benefits and avoid any negative side effects.

Expect to feel a little cranky and agitated in the first several days. You may notice some digestive changes, mild headaches and some fatigue. After about 3–5 days, you may notice that your energy levels have increased, your mood has improved, and your body is more balanced. Your body and mind will be better suited to deal with the harsh days of winter.

Here are some easy ways to gently detoxify on a daily basis. For a complete and individualized cleanse, please consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner for the best results.

  1. Avoid exposure to toxins in the first place.Eat organic producelow-mercury fish and organic/free-range meats whenever possible. Make sure the cosmetics you are using are safe, limit your use of plastic, and ensure you are drinking pure water and breathing clean air.
  2. Fresh lemon or lime in water 5 minutes before meals.This sounds too simple to help, but the sourness of the lemons and limes really help the liver to detoxify and get the digestive juices flowing.
  3. Sweat it out.Many toxins can be eliminated through our sweat. Plus, exercise has so many other wonderful benefits. Detoxifying is just one more great reason to get out there and get active!
  4. End your shower with 30 seconds to 1 minute of cold water.This stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow to help move toxins out.
  5. Get enough fibre.We eliminate toxins through our bowel movements. If you are constipated, the toxins can be reabsorbed into the body. Increase your consumption of hemp hearts, salba or chia seed, ground flaxseeds, sweet potatoes, and vegetables. Ensure you are having at least one complete bowel movement a day, ideally 2–3 per day.
  6. Drink enough water.Our kidneys are a major route of elimination, so it is important to stay hydrated. Aim for approximately 2–3 L of water per day, more if you are sweating and exercising intensely.
  7. Breathe deeply.Our lungs are a major detoxifying organ. It is important to take complete breaths to fill the lungs with fresh air and to exhale any airborne toxins, including carbon dioxide. Make sure you breathe using your abdominal muscles and diaphragm for maximal effects. Inhale for four counts, hold for four counts and then exhale for four counts.
  8. Deal with emotional issues.Toxins are not only found in our external environment. The body produces toxins as byproducts of many metabolic processes. Negative emotions also act as toxins in the body, impairing hormone balance and interfering with normal physiological functions. Anger, sadness, jealousy and resentment are all emotional toxins that need to be dealt with. Make sure you journal, talk about your feelings, and/or see a psychologist or psychotherapist to work through these emotions.

With these small changes and an individualized cleansing protocol from your licensed healthcare practitioner, you will be well on your way to a healthier and happier you!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not meant to replace treatment with a licensed healthcare practitioner. It is for informational purposes only. Consult with a Naturopathic Doctor or other licensed healthcare professional to determine which treatments are safe for you.