Free Webinar: “Sick of Getting Sick? Natural Prevention of Colds and Illnesses”

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If you are you:

  • Sick of getting sick and want to get to the root cause
  • Fed up from having to take antibiotic after antibiotic
  • Tired of looking after loved ones who keep falling ill
  • A business owner who can’t afford to take sick days off work
We often think of getting sick as something that happens TO us, out of our control. To some extent, this is true. You are exposed to a virus or bacteria on the subway, from your child coughing in your face, or from using public bathrooms.We can’t stop ourselves from being exposed to all germs, but in this webinar I am going to talk about ways to:
  • limit exposure to germs
  • enhance what is called your “terrain” (which helps determine if you do succumb to an illness after being exposed to a virus or bacteria)
  • help you recover quicker and with less symptoms if you do get sick.