Naturopathic Immune Support Program

Are you and/or your family members getting hit with one illness after another?

Do you want to be proactive about your health and do what you can the strengthen your immunity this cold and flu season?

Then I have a solution for you!

I am offering my Immune Support Clinic again this year. I have offered this clinic since the early days of my practice to my patients and to TELUS employees yearly to help keep them healthy and strong. The feedback I have received about the clinic has been amazing!

During your 5-minute session, I will provide you with an immune-improving oral formula (drink) that contains a unique combination of herbs and homeopathic remedies to provide broad-spectrum protection against cold and flu viruses. The immune improver may be taken with or without any preventative vaccines. Many major corporations are offering this formula to employees to prevent illness. It helps to prevent you from getting sick and may help you recover quicker if you do get sick. Nothing is a guarantee, but this is some extra support to help you through the challenging winter season.

During your session, you will also get access to my Immune Support tips.

Book a 5-min session anytime on:

  • Thursday, Oct 19th from 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Sunday, Oct 22nd from 10:00am-11:30am

If you are not available at either of these times, let me know and Stephanie, my virtual assistant, can arrange an alternate time/day for you.

Feel free to pass this email on to any of your friends, family members or colleagues that may be interested in attending these clinics.

Information about the Immune Drink:

  • Pascoleucyn Forte is a drinkable ampoule that helps to prevent colds, the flu, and other viruses.
  • Made with echinacea (part of the daisy family), homeopathic remedies and other powerful herbs, this formula is a cold medicine that supports the immune system to help the body fight off cold and flu infections. The active ingredients have anti-viral and immuno-stimulant properties, which make them perfect for helping to prevent colds and flus while  providing some relief from common symptoms such as a cough, chest congestion, and fever. The diverse medicinal ingredients also help the body heal from illness and provide relief from a common cold or flu germs.

When Should You Take Pascoleucyn Forte?

  • At the beginning of cold and flu season
  • In times of stress to avoid contracting the common cold, viral infections
  • When other family members are ill
  • When there is a high amount of illness or influenza in the general community
  • At the onset of cold symptoms and flu symptoms such as cough, congestion, sinus infection, fever, and other common symptoms (you can purchase some extra take-home vials to have on hand if you like, just in case). Note: please don’t attend the immune clinic if you are sick or have any signs of covid, the flu or a cold. I can leave a vial in the mailbox for you or you can arrange to pick it up another time.

Want further immune support?

If you are an existing patient of mine, you can book in for a 30-min or 45-min appointment (virtual or in-person). You can access the booking links in Practice Better and also here.

If you are a new patient, you can book your free 15-min Discovery Call HERE (to make sure we are a good fit before you book the Initial Naturopathic Consultation).

If you are an existing patient of mine and would like to book your child in (<12 yoa) for an initial appointment, you can do so HERE (or email me for in-person availability).

  • This provides you with a more comprehensive immune-enhancing plan using nutrition and supplements to keep you healthy, energized and feeling your best during the fall/winter.
  • I will conduct naturopathic assessments to help determine your state of your health
  • The price does not include any optional supplements or herbs that may be recommended

Use up your benefits before the end of the year before they are gone!

Please note: I am offering a special price of $25/immune drink. I will provide you with a Naturopathic supplement receipt. I accept cash, cheque and credit/debit.

I will have extra vials available for purchase ($25.00/vial) for family members and friends. Please let me know how many vials you need (via email to: OR by a message in “Practice Better”) if you require more than just the one for yourself. Thanks.